HAPPY ZYME , Enzyme Tonic, Ayurvedic Enzyme Syrup, Appetite Tonic, Herbal Enzyme Tonic, Appetite Stimulant, Harde Ela Jeerak Sunth Marich Lindi Pipar Ajmod Haridra Amalki Syrup,
Packaging : 200 ml

Happy Zyme

Enzyme  Tonic  in  Tasty  Flavour  with  2  year  Exp.

Each 5 ml contains :
Ext. Jeerak Seed                     75 mg.
Harde Fruit                            100 mg.
Ext. Ela    Seed                       10 mg.
Saunth    Rhizome                  15 mg.
Marich    Seed                        10 mg.
Lindi Pipali    Seed                  15 mg.
Ajmod    Seed                        15 mg.
Haridra    Rhizome           15 mg.
Dhanyaka    Seed             15 mg.
Amalki    Fruit                          25 mg.

INDICATIONS : Loss of Appetite, Poor digestion and Irregular appetite. Happy Zyme Liquid can also be use as a supportive therapy during antibiotic or drug treatment to restore normal appetite

Dosage :
Children : 5 ml.  twice a day, one hour before meals.
Adult : 10 ml.  twice a day, one hour before meals.